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Marion Raised, Marion Focused

For Marion

City Council
Ward 1

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Vote Gage Miskimen on Nov. 7

With Community, Anything is Possible

Marion Raised, Marion Focused

I have been honored to represent you since my appointment to the council in April.

I was raised in Ward 1 and graduated from Marion High School. I was also previously a local reporter, covering Marion for a couple years before moving to nonprofit work.


I know Marion. I love Marion. And most importantly, I want to see the city and all of its residents thrive. I want Iowa to look to Marion as an example of what a city in this state can be in a time many other cities are losing population, including younger folks like myself.


And I want you to be proud to live here. By living here, you are fully invested in this community and I'm invested in you. So much exciting progress has been made so far, and we still have so much to do!


Thank you for the support. It means the world.

-Gage Miskimen


Community Engagement

From being the local Marion journalist to now being on the City Council, nothing is more important to me than community engagement, transparency, equity, and making sure every resident and visitor feels like they belong in Marion.

Along with engaging our residents, it is just as important to engage our community partners in the region. We need to continue to make sure we are collaborating with our friends in other cities and Linn County to avoid doubling efforts and address any missing gaps along the way.

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Live, Work, Play Marion

Marion Strong

A strong infrastructure makes for a strong community.

The city team is always hard at work doing the critical work of repairing and improving our roads and sewer systems on a cyclical cycle and I will continue to support their ability to do so.

Fire and EMS is continuing to see growth and will need continued support. We have a new fire chief, new firefighters, and plans to relocate Fire Station 3 before adding a fourth. All of this expansion is necessary to be able to keep our growing city fully covered in any emergency.


The best thing about Marion? It's growing. We want to keep that going as other cities in Iowa are losing population.

We need to support local business and bring more business to increase the commercial tax base to help alleviate pressure off residences and to simply continue to increase Marion's workforce.

As we grow, having a variety of housing for our residents that is safe, secure, and affordable is vital. Without a comfortable place to sleep, it is much harder to achieve success in other areas of our lives.

I'm also a big fan of Uptown Marion, our trail system, and our many parks. Continued support and expansion of entertainment and recreational opportunities is essential to bringing new residents and visitors to town and keeping our younger residents here to stay or excited to come back home.


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